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Gluten-Free Resources is intended to be different from other sites that present information on Celiac Disease. This blog is primarily informational in nature and relies on an underlying educational foundation. From time to time and may recommend website that sell, books, recipe cookbooks, promote product lines or other items such as nutritional supplements, etc. However, the primary focus of this website is to provide information the general public which suffer from the symptoms of celiac disease.

Although Celiac Disease has enjoyed greater exposure recently, it is our intent further this awareness. If you are unsure of what Celiac Disease is, we have provided several points that you may want to preview and decide for yourself or with the guidance of your Physician if you are Gluten Intolerant, in other words, inflicted with Celiac Disease.


Are You Gluten Intolerant?


See if you have the following signs and symptoms that can show that gluten is causing problems for yourself and/or your family.

1) You or a blood relative been diagnosed with any of these:
 * Celiac Disease * Celiac sprue * Dermatitis herpetiformis * Gluten-sensitive enteropathy * Ideopathic steatorrhoea * Primary malabsorption * Non-tropical sprue?

2) You or a blood relative been diagnosed with any of these:
 * Behavioral difficulties * Chronic fatigue * Failure to thrive * Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) * Learning difficulties * Regional enteritis * Rheumatoid arthritis * Sjögren’s syndrome * Ulcerative colitis?

3) There is a history amongst blood relatives of (or do you suffer from) any of these:
 * Bipolar disorder (Manic depression) * Bowel cancer * Depression * Mood swings * Schizophrenia * Any other psychological disorder?

4) Is there a history amongst blood relatives of (or do you suffer from) any of these:
 * Addison’s Disease * Anxiety * Asthma * Autism * Auto-immune conditions * Back pain * Behavioral problems in children * Bursitis * Crohn’s Disease * Diabetes * Eczema * Learning difficulties?

5) Do you regularly suffer from any of the following symptoms:
 * Abdominal distension * Anaemia or Low iron * Bone or joint pains * Bowel habit alternating between constipation and diarrhea * Edema (puffy swollen legs) * Feeling tired all the time * Flatulence (‘wind’) after eating * Headache * Nausea and vomiting * Heartburn after pasta, pizza or pastry * Malabsorption problems * Malnutrition * Mineral deficiency * Muscle cramps and spasms * Obesity * Osteoporosis or Low bone density * Poor appetite, and drowsiness after eating * Stools (‘poos’) which are pale, bulky, greasy and smelly?

Undiagnosed for long periods of time, food intolerances have been found to contribute to diabetes, bowel cancer, anemia and osteoporosis, and more.